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What is included in a bath or a haircut?


-Bath With Premium Shampoo & Conditioner

-Anal Gland Expressions

-Ear Cleaning/Plucking if needed

-Nail Trim with Filing if the dog will tolerate it.

-Paw pad hair trimmed to prevent matting and slipping.

-Sanitary Trim if needed.

-Handcut/Handmade Bandana 

-Doggie Spray/Cologne

*Any trimming on the body including around the feet, face, rear, etc. is considered a full groom not just a bath. *

HAIRCUT (Full Groom)

- Everything included in the bath package plus:

-Haircut of choice as long as it is humane and will not cause pain or damage to the coat or skin. We will not shave dogs that do not medically require it or that are not matted. These include German Shepherds, Labs, Pit Bulls, Pugs, etc.

What Services Are Offered?


-Full Grooms

-Undercoat Removals/De-sheds

-Mat Removal

-Medicated Shampoo Baths

-Flea/Tick Treatment

-Nail Trims

-Teeth Brushing

-Will groom medicated dogs as long as they have not been given Acepromazine as know as Ace.