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Fear Free Groomer Certification

A.K.C. Safe Groomer Certification

Welcome to the Education Zone!

I feel it is my duty as a groomer to educate my clients and others that want to learn. I have grown through my years of grooming.

Current Certifications:

-Fear Free Groomer 

-A.K.C. Safe Groomer

Certifications I'm working towards:

- Iv San Bernard Pet Aesthetician 

(The Iv San Bernard Pet Aesthetician is a 3-module certification program.)

ISCC Certification Process

-ISCC Petcare DermaTech Specialist (PDS)

-ISCC Certified Skin & Coat Care Specialist (SCS)

-ISCC Certified Pet 1st Aid & CPR Specialist (PACS)

-ISCC Certified Professional Groomer (ICPG)

-ISCC Master Pet Stylist (MPS)

The ISCC Certification Program is multi-level. 

A level must be completed before moving to the next. 

Just the first level has a total of 13 tests. 

This process can take years to complete.