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EFFECTIVE AUGUST 3, 2022 I AM NO LONGER TAKING DOODLES OR POODLES OVER 25 LBS. INCLUDING ESTABLISHED CLIENTS. I HAVE CONTACTED THOSE THAT ARE THE EXCEPTION. I will still be grooming dog such as maltipoos, shihpoos, etc. as long as their FAS is low.

Dogs that are double coated will not be shaved. I can do an undercoat removal, scissor work and trim the featherings but will not damage the coat by clipping it. 


It's true, I will be going mobile! Grooming services will continue uninterrupted during this transition. We will be able to accommodate dogs up to 40-50 lbs due to the size of the van. I will continue grooming at the shop until the van is completely ready to go. The mobile grooming van will be a brand new 2022 Mercedes Sprinter converted by Hanvey. The current lead time is 16 weeks (as of 7/20/2022). I will be selling the building. 

Mobile grooming is one on one grooming. It is a luxury service therefore it does cost more. I will come to your house, groom your pups and return them when done. The grooms usually take an hour or so for small dogs and 2 or so hours for bigger dogs. I completely understand that mobile will not be the right option for everyone! I will keep everyone updated. I will post prices, procedures, etc. when everything has been decided. I am hopeful it will be ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide services to everyone due to the nature of mobile grooming. There are no cage dryers for those that are afraid of the high velocity dryer, etc. Again due to the size of the van we will only be able to accommodate up to a certain size. If I feel your dog(s) will not be a good candidate for mobile grooming I will let you know so you have time to find a new groomer. I can recommend the other trustworthy groomers who are also Fear Free certified. There are currently only 3 others in a 100 mile radius of Rover's.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!


I practice FEAR FREE grooming. I am the groomer and am a Fear Free certified groomer. I strive to keep all the dogs fear, anxiety and stress free. We will do a meet and greet at the time of the groom. If I feel your dog would benefit from vet prescribed medication I will let you know. If the dogs FAS is high I will not be able to do the groom that day. There will not be a charge. Please see the FAS scale below. There are many aspects to grooming including the bath, drying, nail trims, the haircut, etc. Some dogs do not like parts of the groom and may need medication to reduce FAS.


Check out the Education Zone for more information on the practices I follow and why!

(Currently under construction)

Any verbal or physical abuse by clients towards a dog or staff will not be tolerate and you will be asked to leave immediately. 

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