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As of January 15 we have appointments available starting the 20th.

If the scheduling website does not work please see if it will work on your phone. 

Just a reminder, we are the ONLY grooming shop in Piedmont. We are serving a lot of clients. Due to this we cannot guarantee a pick up time. We will send a pick up text when your dog(s) are ready. Most dogs are done between 12pm and 4pm. Some dogs do take priority such as those with medical conditions, those that persistently bark (stresses us and the other dogs so we do them first) and those that will take longer to dry. We do offer water and take them for potty breaks. 

We groom dogs of all sizes and shapes except for Chow Chows. 

Feel free to look around! If you have any questions you can call or text us at 405-406-8357. 

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